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SMM Course Outline

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course Outlines

Week 1: Social Media Marketing Intro

  • What is Social Media Marketing?
  • Types of Platforms of Social Media
  • Importance of Social Media Marketing?
  • Social Media Factors?
  • How to work Social Media Algo?

Week 2: Creations of Pages & Accounts

  • Introduction to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat?
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat pages & accounts
  • Optimization of Social media pages
  • How to apply A/B testing?

Week 3: Social Media Channels

  • Difference between a Page and Account
  • Setting up a Social Media Page and best Practices
  • Types of Content Trending on each Platform
  • How to choose the right Hashtags for your Content

Week 4: Page Organic Promotion

  • How to Increase Brand awareness?
  • How to Increase pages traffic & website?
  • How to create a complete Action Plan?
  • How to Increase Engagement?
  • How to create unique content?
  • Post scheduling
  • Organic workflow

Week 5: Introduction to Facebook Ads & Instagram 

  • Detailed Walkthrough of Facebook Ads Manager
  • Learn how Facebook & Instagram use your data
  • Understand how to run a Facebook Campaign
  • Understand how to run a Instagram Campaign

Week 6: Building Base Online from Scratch

  • How to target your Existing Customer Database?
  • How to target customers who will interact with your ads?
  • Landing page optimization?
  • How to get more reach using previous ads?

Week 7: Audience Targeting Options

  • How to target a detailed audience  based on age, gender & more?
  • Audience Interests based target?
  • How to target a Demographics based audience?
  • Learn how to place Instagram & Facebook Ads correctly
  • Learn how to decided Ad spend is perform well

Week 8: Facebook and Instagram Ad Formats

  • Learn about Facebook image ads, video ads, & more
  • Make your first Facebook and Instagram ads

Week 9: Deeper knowledge about Facebook & Instagram Ad

  • Learn about Sales Funnel, Lead forms, Conversion Campaign & more
  • Learn about Custom Event, Standard events.
  • Learn how to analyze Facebook Ads’ performance
  • Learn about split testing

Week 10: Q/A & Live session and get Certificate